The studio is in the heart of the arts district in downtown Los Angeles. The large live room can accommodate a full band and is a great drum tracking space. Recording can be done via Pro Tools through 16 channels of Universal Audio Apollo converters, or onto a vintage Ampex MM1200 2” 16 track tape machine (fully discrete). I can provide tape at no charge if the project is being transferred to Pro Tools at the end.

For mixing projects, I take your Wav files and mix through my vintage Neve console and classic analog compressors and effects, and mix down to one of the Ampex tape machines at the end. The flat rate includes up to 10 revisions from the analog mixing stems. Please ask with any questions about the process!


$500 per day with Jason Quever as engineer

Mixing: Flat $300 per song

Please write to discuss full project budgets!

Contact: Jason Quever: (Owner/Producer/Engineer):

PS I also work often at a few great studios in the Bay Area, please ask if you want to work with me up there instead! -Jason